The House Always Wins

Our very own Josh Hechinger is competing this month along with Mr. John Bivens over at ZUDA. Please show your support and go vote, fave and comment.

Mark my words, these two are going to be comic superstars.

clickity on the image:

Also visit Josh’s Blog where he talks a little about the project and gives you a chance to be a murder victim and win a signed copy of Comic Book Tattoo (SWEET!).


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Bunyan Paulson is a character taking the wrestling sport to new heights -- and we're happy to follow."
-Jimmie Robinson, creator of Bomb Queen.

Josh Hechinger & Jorge Muñoz’s Yon Kuma is a energetic take on pro wrestling, mixed with popular manga motifs and done with strong cartooning. So far very well done, and much better dynamics than in most print comics, let alone online ones. –Steven Grant (Punisher, X, Badlands, Permanent Damage)


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