By yonkuma

Wrestlers, Bears, And The Folks What Know Them:


Bunyan Paulson

Our hero; a scrappy 12-year-old who carries the dual ambitions of being The Greatest Bear Wrestler in the World and finding/defeating the specific bear that ate his parents when he was only a small(er) lad. Bunyan is on the quiet and probably-too-serious side…but wouldn’t you be, if you saw a bear swallow your parents whole? You probably would.


Rochelle Roundtree

An intern park ranger and certified bear-wrestling referee who takes a (strictly-friends-no-smooching-he’s-like-12-ew) liking to Bunyan after she watches him fight Cheyenne, Great Bear of the West right in front of her tour group.

Rochelle is some sort of weird middle ground between completely unflappable and easily excited. Which is to say she maintains a near-constant state of unshakable cheerfulness and confidence.

(Considering her famous father, the confidence is probably genetic…)


Richaud Roundtree

Rochelle’s father and former world-class champion of bear wrestling. In his heyday, if you looked up “bear wrestler” in the dictionary, you’d see a picture of this man-mountain. Some even said he was a bear, cunningly disguised in a man suit.

He’s not, but he IS a boisterous, big-hearted titan of fatherhood with a finely-crafted wooden leg.


Cheyenne, Great Bear of the West

Despite being one of the Yon Kuma, Cheyenne is not burdened with an overabundance of patience or technical wrestling skills. He is, however, a skilled brawler and a master of the falls-count-anywhere match. When he’s not tossing challengers around Whizzer Rock National Park, Cheyenne spends most of his time looking for his perpetually lost lucky cowboy hat.


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"Crazy fun! Josh and Jorge spin Yon Kuma firmly in a world of action and comedy.
Bunyan Paulson is a character taking the wrestling sport to new heights -- and we're happy to follow."
-Jimmie Robinson, creator of Bomb Queen.

Josh Hechinger & Jorge Muñoz’s Yon Kuma is a energetic take on pro wrestling, mixed with popular manga motifs and done with strong cartooning. So far very well done, and much better dynamics than in most print comics, let alone online ones. –Steven Grant (Punisher, X, Badlands, Permanent Damage)


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